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The ” Asia Sanaat Ganjineh ” Team , with the best brand of Hebelex block in Iran , sells its products in the verbal or virtual space . At our online store , buy the best Hebelex building blocks at a cheap and affordable price . It should be noted that these types of building blocks are among the top – notch export products .

The best brand of Hebelex block

study more about hebelex block .

Making the best brand of the Hebelex block should be the composition of materials such as lime , silica , aluminum powder and cement .

Lime , according to its molecular characteristics , can act as a barrier inside the block . The presence of this calcareous barrier , within the blocks of the hebelex , converts these products into insulation .

The presence of the lime inside the blocks has made it become excellent thermal insulation and moisture .
Along with the lime , the gas inside the Hebelex blocks can distinguish this product from other materials . Hebelex is also an acoustic insulation because of these gases .

Buy Hebelex from the best Iranian brand

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The cheapest possible price for the Hebelex block in Iran

To buy from the best Hebelex block brand , you can pay the cheapest possible price in our store .

Obviously , the price list of building blocks is currently changing on a daily basis , which may be due to the sharp price and fluctuations in the building materials market due to a change in the price of raw materials . And keep in mind that mediators will also play a significant role in price changes .

We will completely directly ; out of this play , in our online collection store , provide you a variety of first -class blocks in different sizes .
Interestingly , one of the benefits of buying from us is that we offer directly you the cheapest possible price .
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Hebelex, the cost-effective choice

The homeowners by buying the Hebelex block , Don’t be concern about the safety and event like earthquake .
Hebelex blocks are anti-earthquake ; They are very lightweight and beside , they have a very high compressive strength more than other traditional materials .

The sound insulation of the Hebelex blocks will prevent the re-insulation costs of the building and your costs will save .

Most importantly , by purchasing the Hebelex block , you can , only by the least number of worker , increase the speed of implementation of your project . With this method ; The construction project will not be prolonged and , you will achieve your desired result as quickly as possible .

Buy from us

To get up -to -date news and more informations, you can contact us with the sales expert of the Asia Sanaat Ganjine Collection and buy your desired product as needed .

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