what is advantage of hebelex block?

what are advantages of hebelex block ?

• If a disaster strikes , then a concrete block home is usually cheaper to rebuild .
Unless the masonry built into a concrete block home isn’t up to code , it is usually cheaper to rebuild after a disaster with this option . Many of your walls are still standing and in usable condition , which means the repairs can focus on the restoration of the roof , windows , and interior . Even if the material costs are similar , there are lower labor costs to manage with this advantage and that still makes it more affordable .
The steel reinforcing rods that get used with concrete block homes work well in regions that suffer from earthquakes . A wet mixture of sand , cement , and small rounded gravel can get poured into the base to stabilize the reinforcements for a small cost . When it cures , then it hardens to give the structure an incredible amount of strength .

• The material can lower a homeowner’s energy usage .

Concrete block homes are ideal for anyone who wants to lower their energy usage . It provides an excellent level of value in an environmentally friendly home . The insulation is strong enough that warm air from your HVAC system or the cold air from an air conditioner won’t easily escape the structure . Your heating and cooling bills can be up to 20% lower in some regions with this building design , especially if there is another layer of insulation present along the interior walls .

• Concrete block homes are practically soundproof .

The design of a concrete block home creates a natural soundproofing layer that is perfect for urban environments or properties near military bases . If you have jets flying overhead or a commercial airport nearby , then this material can reduce the sound issues that you’ll encounter every day . About 75% of the outside environmental noise that exists outside gets blocked when using this material , and you can enhance those results by using double-pane windows .
That means it can also be a great option if you love to throw parties regularly . You can have a great time with all of your friends and family members without disturbing the neighbors if you have a concrete block home .

• This material creates a healthy home choice for many people .

The average person in the United States spends 90% of their time indoors each day . Most of that is in their home . That means a healthy environment is vital to individual needs. Concrete block homes block allergens , radon , and other toxins that can be problematic when using other materials . When a moisture barrier gets added to this product , then it can prevent damp spots from forming that could allow mold spores to become part of the environment .

• It provides a natural level of fire resistance .

If you have ever seen the aftermath of a devastating fire where a single home stands alone in the ashes of others , then there is an excellent chance it was built using concrete blocks . Although the wooden components of the structure , such as the roof , will ignite during a blaze , the walls will only receive a scorching . That’s because cement isn’t flammable by itself .

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